Gay bar security staff sacked after asking customers for money to free event

Security staff at a bar in Birmingham have been dismissed after it was revealed that they were asking for money from patrons before allowing them to enter the premises.

Missing Bar in Birmingham has fired their on door security team after it was revealed that the bouncers were demanding money from patrons before allowing them to enter the building, even though the venue itself does not charge an entrance fee.

The bar’s management offered an apology to its customers and told patrons that the security staff were dismissed “on the spot” and the money collected was donated to charity.

Patrons of the bar were quick to congratulate the bar’s owners on their swift decision making and resolving the issue quickly.

Taking to Facebook Missing bar wrote,

“We were made aware that our door security team were asking customers to pay an entrance fee last night.

“We have never charged for entry at Missing and never will.

“Both of the security team were dismissed on the spot and any money they collected will be donated to charity”.

One user who was asked to give money to the door staff on Thursday night last week did say that the bouncers had made it clear that the money “was non-obligatory”.

One Facebook fan said that the behaviour from the door staff was “shocking”. Another added that it was good that the bar hadn’t taken the side of the bouncers, while another agreed saying, “I totally agree with this from past issues with their bouncers”.

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