Gay bars in Leeds have boycotted Russian produced Vodka in the build up to Leeds Pride.

Gay bars across Leeds have joined together in solidarity with the Russian LGBT community by boycotting Russian produced vodkas, a week before Leeds Pride, a statement from has announced.

“Although removing the lines of Russian vodka from the gayleeds scene won’t make a massive dint in the Russian economy it will however prove that the LGB&T bars in our city care about the persecution that is going on against the gay community in Russia.” the press release read

“Knowing which Vodka is produced in Russia is a tricky one as many that originated from Russia no longer have a connection with Russia at all.

“This is why the bars, clubs and other venues in gayleeds have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure that only non Russian lines are available in time for pride and beyond”.

The news comes days after American and London’s Soho Bars started to announce their boycott of Russian vodkas.


The Leeds bar which have banded together are: Queens Court, Fibre, The Bridge, The New Penny, Blayds and The Viaduct Showbar.

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