Gay Couple Share First Time With A Woman On YouTube

Gay couple Authus and Nicolas have never been a woman before, that is until now – and it’s not quite a woman, just the noo noo of a woman.

The French YouTubing couple, have tried their first womanly experience – by using a mastubator called LOLA, live on YouTube. After unwrapping the fake vagina, Nico is the first to try the toy, behind a curtain and exclaims,

“it’s eating me, oo it’s weird, it’s not that tight actually, it’s not as tight as…

to which Authus replies,

“my ass?”

The pair then swap… and decide that it feels okay, before joking that perhaps they’ve been straight after all these years. They joke that at least “she’ll” always be ready!

We’re not convinced, we think you still might be gay…

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