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  • BREXIT: This gay holiday company just promised a “no deal” deal

    BREXIT: This gay holiday company just promised a “no deal” deal

    Gay holiday makers don’t have to fret if the UK crashes out of EU in March with no deal as this holiday company promises to not raise the cost of holidays.

  • Top 10 Gay French Films

    Top 10 Gay French Films

    While some of the world’s most famous gay-themed films are produced in English-speaking countries, the French, have been making some of the world’s best same-sex romances, thrillers and dramas. We have listed some of the most successful, critically acclaimed French-made/language films and rated them on their Rotten Tomatoes’ (RT) where available. 10 ) Les amitiés […]

  • France picks AIDS drama ‘120 Beats Per Minute’ for Oscar bid

    France has selected Robin Campillo’s “120 Beats Per Minute”, this year’s Grand Prix winner at the Cannes Film Festival, as its submission in the best foreign-language film category of the Oscars. A tribute to direct-action group ACT UP, Campillo’s new feature is a deeply moving drama about gay activists striving to live life to the […]

  • Gay policeman who was killed in the Champs-Élysées terrorist attack gets posthumous wedding

    A rare posthumous wedding has taken place, between Xavier Jugelé and Etienne Cardiles, following Mr Jugele’s death in a terrorist attack in Paris in April. Etienne Cardiles has posthumously married his partner,  Xavier Jugelé. Along with the marriage, Mr Jugelé was also awarded the Legion of Honour, one of France’s highest awards. The couple were civily wed, called a Pacte Civil de […]

  • Gay marriage will be “demolished” if Marine Le Pen wins the French election

    Marine Le Pen’s victory in the forthcoming French election could spell the end of same-sex marriage, her niece has “guaranteed”. Embed from Getty Images Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has “guaranteed” that the repeal of gay marriage laws will happen should her aunt, Marine Le Pen, be successful in the forthcoming French Presidential elections. Speaking on Sunday […]

  • Policeman killed in Paris “terror” attack was “proud gay man”

    The policeman who was shot and killed in what is being called a suspected terror attack in the French capital was a “proud gay man” committed to the LGBT cause.   Xavier Jugelé was killed when he was shot in the head in a suspected terror attack in Paris, last night. It has been revealed […]

  • Marine Le Pen pledges to end gay marriage

    Marine Le Pen pledges to end gay marriage

    France’s far-right presidential hopeful, Marine Le Pen says she’ll end gay marriage in a quiet pledge buried pages deep into Manifesto. Marine Le Pen has pledged that she’ll end same-sex marriage retroactively should she become France’s next president. The far-right politician, who heads the National Front is proposing to revert the law back to the […]

  • French MP: Gay Marriage Could “Open The Door To Polygamy”

    French MP: Gay Marriage Could “Open The Door To Polygamy”

    French MP, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has suggested that accepting gay marriage could lead to multiple partner marriages.   Marion Maréchal-Le Pen has told The Telegraph in an exclusive interview that she is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage saying that if the traditional family model is broken that marriages between multiple partners might not be far […]

  • NICE attacker reportedly “bisexual” after using gay hook up apps

    The attacker who killed 84 and injured 202 others, was allegedly “bisexual” according to reports after gay hook up apps were found on his phone. Embed from Getty Images Tunisian born, French National, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel killed 84 people and injured 202 more in the city of Nice last Thursday when he ploughed a hired truck […]

  • TRAVEL | Nice Queernaval / Carnaval

    TRAVEL | Nice Queernaval / Carnaval

    Nice, France – February: Each year, for the entire month of February, Nice on the French Riviera is overtaken with celebrations of the Carnaval. This year, due to recent events in Paris, the festival was reduced to two and a half weeks. At the heart of the festival, is the King and Queen of Carnival, […]

  • Gay Flight Attendants Worried About Facing Death Penalty In Iran

    Gay Flight Attendants Worried About Facing Death Penalty In Iran

    Gay Air France flight attendants are concerned over flying into Iran after the airline reinstated flights to the country. Air France is due to recommence flights to Tehran in Iran which has left many of its gay flight attendants fearing for their lives and what might happen to them after landing. A petition has been […]