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Had you ever heard of a “gay fart” before? No, nor us, but apparently it’s a phrase and it’s even got its own definition thanks to Urban Dictionary.

According to one of the entries on Urban Dictionary, ‘gay fart’ means, “A genuinely sweet, or pleasantly odourless expression of flatulence. Though not always a fart cut by homosexuals, they do tend to do this while they bake cookies and share a laugh about it.


In this context “Bake Cookies” means sex.

Then for context purposes, there’s the sentence,

Pete did you just fart? It smells like freshly cut grass, what have you been eating, sperm?”


Cut grass means “gang bang” according to the website.

Surprisingly, the website holds not one but three possible entries for what a gay fart could mean.

Relying on tired gay sex tropes for gay fart comedy

gay fart jokes rely on a homophobic trope about anal sex
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Another meaning offered up by the website is, “a silent fart that is often difficult to hear because it just seeps out of your A-hole as if the hole was very loose (like after a penis has been in there).”


This particular definition makes use of that rather tired gay sex myth that people who enjoy anal sex have loose sphincters, giving rise the rumour that men who engaged in anal sex, eventually have to wear tampons, which, by the way, isn’t true.

While a third explanation offers, “An act of flatulence that tends to smell like semen as if gay butt sex has taken place at one point. Homosexuals tend to enjoy gay farts by flatuating (not actually a word) gay farts in one another’s mouths.”

The three definitions were written in 2006, 2008 and 2009 respectively.

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Hilarious homophobia. Just what the world needs.

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