Gay Male Reps To Be “Dropped” From LGBT Societies At University

Gay students

Gay male students will no longer have a “reserved” space for a representative at their University after NUS LGBT+ calls for gay men representatives to drop their positions claiming cis white gay men do not face discrimination.

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CREDIT: ©-pressmaster /


Gay male students in the UK’s University system are facing the prospect of not having a representative at their LGBT+ society after the NUS LGBT+ voted to abolish  a reserved space for gay male reps.

It also called for current gay male representatives to relinquish their role if it already exists within a LGBT+ society.

A reserved space for a representatives will remain for lesbian, bisexual, trans and asexual reps, however gay male representatives will no-longer be mandatory after claiming that misogyny, transphobia, racism and biphobia were more likely to happen if societies were “dominated” by white cis gay men.”

No evidence was submitted to prove its claim.

Last year the NUS said that gay white men were no longer allowed to ‘appropriate’ black female behaviour.

The resolution to remove gay men’s reps was made in motion 408, Defending Safe(r) spaces and No Platforming.


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It made the moves after it stated:

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Gay men do not face oppression as gay men within the LGBT+ community and do not need a reserved place on society committees.

The conference resolved that they would “encourage” LGBT+ societies that have a gay man’s rep to “drop the position”.

Officers For All.

CREDIT: ©-katukphoto1 /
CREDIT: ©-katukphoto1 /

During the conference students did however vote on Motion 407, “LGBT+ Officers For All” in which it called upon NUS LGBT+ to encourage and empower students to demand LGBT+ representation.

TheGayUK reached out to NUS LGBT+ for comment.

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