Gay rights activists will be holding a demonstration today in cities all over the world, against the homophobia faced by LGBTs in Russia.

• Protest will take place outside Downing Street in Central London
• Protestors asked to wear red to symbolise Love
• Channel 4 to air Gay Hunted Programme about Homophobia In Russia Tonight.
• Tube Strike threatens numbers of protestors.


With just a day away from the Sochi Winter Olympics opening, gay rights protesters will be taking to the streets of cities around the world to protest the treatment of LGBT people in Russia.

A mounting disquiet has been bubbling away as the world’s spotlight is now cast upon Russia‘s dreadful treatment of LGBT people, as an event that threatens to permanently damage the Olympics’ brand starts tomorrow.

Last year Russia’s president Vladimir Putin signed into a law which made the ‘promotion of non-traditional relationships’ illegal to anyone under the age of 18. A 100 year ban was also placed on holding any pride events in Moscow.


In London protesters are expected to gather near downing street from 6:00PM. the events have been created by mass petitioning site Organisers are asking attendees to wear red.

Tonight Channel 4 will be broadcasting a Dispatches which shows the true horror gay people face in Russia, in a programme called: Hunted .

Our correspondent Greg Mitchell said of the film:


‘This deeply disturbing programme, directed by Ben Steele and reported by Liz MacKean, shows us a bleak picture of a Russia, where gay people are literally hunted down like animals, subjected to humiliating and painful abuse.’

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London is in the midst of a 48 hour strike – so to find out how to get to Downing Street click here.

TheGayUK will be Live Blogging the events from here

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