Hundreds of LGBTs and allies have turned out to a Pride event in Uganda after the annulment of the anti-homosexuality bill.

Around two hundred people turned up to a pride event in Entebbe, 25 miles away from the Ugandan capital Kampala yesterday, after the anti-homosexuality law was annulled last week. The law was reversed on a technicality, because the law had been passed by a parliament without quorum.

This is he third ever pride event in Uganda.


‘We are a group of people who have suffered enough,” said Ugandan lesbian activist Jacqueline Kasha. ‘We are Ugandans who have the right to gather in a public place … and we are going to have fun.’

Many of the attendees wore face masks to protect their identity, fearing violent repercussions. The vast majority of Ugandan society sees homosexuality as morally wrong and sinful.

The law that was signed by President Yoweri Museveni in February introduced tough penalties including life sentences on anyone who is caught engaging in same-sex relationships.

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Lawmakers in Uganda are already working to restore the law once parliament returns recess.

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