Get Juicy

Try to buy organic when juicing as you’re often using the whole fruit or vegetable and you don’t want any chance of pesticides getting into your home made healthy concoction.

Focusing on the recommendation of eating whole fruits & juiced vegetables- my juice recipes are packed with veggies and have minimal appearances from fruits like apple, lemon or lime, providing a touch of something sweet yet sound.

Simply chuck your ingredients listed below into your juicer, following your manufacturer’s guidelines for some of the ingredients…


Big Beet (Great Pre-Workout!) – Makes around 600ml

Beetroot has had recent TV coverage on how it can help us perform more efficiently in exercise regimes. Boron in Beetroot boosts our stamina, helps us to exercise longer and has positive influence on blood flow & pressure.



3 uncooked beetroot, use the whole thing including its leaves

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3 carrots

1 garlic clove

1 apple, cored

a thumbnail of ginger

big handful of kale

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1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, stir this in at the end of juicing

optional- Dried organic cornflowers (immune boosting qualities)


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