GiFi, the increasingly popular app billed as “the next generation social app that aims to change forever the way gay men chat, network and meetup” has released its launch video.

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Much like the brand that ‘Dares to be Different’ the video does exactly that. Kristian Tangen-Sorgendal, GiFi Community Manager says “in both a brand and fashion conscious community, it was both fun and exciting to bring an entirely new social app video concept to the table”.

Kristian continues, “the inspiration came from the ZARA AW13 campaign; the concept of the video was so clear and emphasised what the GiFi brand is; to bring the community together through a social app that does not hold predominant values on engaging users for hookup only”.

The GiFi video holds an air of class about it. The simple storyline follows a group of four nusers around in the daily use of the GiFI app, that penultimately sees the guys engaging in a group chat together before meeting at a bar for drinks: this perfectly epitomises the GiFi brand image and aims.


For all who are unaware, GiFi has just launched, offering a brand new take on how guys meet!

GiFi is launching firstly in the UK market, as the GiFi team want to work closely with their home community to make it great for everyone. GiFi are currently working with some amazing groups and people within the community and look forward to bringing further functionality and community engagement as they progress.

GiFi has numerous functions and can be used to build a support network, find new friends, stay in touch with existing friends and look for a job. Of course, it can also be used to arrange a date or hookup.


GiFi users are able to browse the 500 nearest guys – to a location of their choice – who match their interests, preferences and current mood. Oneonone chat and group messaging functions are both available.

GiFi is all about disrupting the status quo. Rather than focussing on one need other apps in the community offer, GiFi focuses on the bigger picture. GiFi gives users the opportunity to meet other members with shared interests, whether this be a mutual mood to meet for coffee, drinks, networking and so much more.

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Furthermore, GiFi’s various profile view options spread further than the typical grid view seen in so many other apps, GiFi also offers carousel view for members to find people who they find hot or not, a map view (set to 0.2 km safety zone as standard) to see nearby members as well as a viewed by and who’s viewed me option to encourage communication between GiFi users.

The GiFi aim is to work with the community as a whole, as there is such a need for the functionality and options the GiFi app provides. Businesses and charities can use GiFi as a further platform to reach their members, and GiFi will reinvest profits back into the community through platform development and also their charity partner the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard.

Businesses, groups and charities will be able to communicate effortlessly to members of their setup groups and places to send updates via broadcasts and notifications to inform the larger community on what is going on as well as their products and services.

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