Users of the gay hook-up app Grindr probably won’t be able to get refunds after Grindr refuses to be drawn into a conversation about compensation.

◉ One user was charged £2.50 for an 8-second call, one user was reportedly billed £65.
◉ Users have reported that a premium number was dialled without permission after opening Grindr
◉ Grindr refuses to talk about refunds for customers affected.

Some users of the Grindr app are facing phone bills of up to £65 after a third-party malware advert caused user’s phones to autodial a £1 PER MINUTE premium phone number, without their permission. Even if users acted quickly they were still stung by a connection fee.


TheGayUK approached Grindr for comment, who refused to answer whether users could claim a refund on the calls made by the ad served by their app.

The malware ads, which have now been withdrawn, caused mobile phones to automatically dial premium rate numbers when users opened the Grindr app.

A spokesperson for the tech company said, “Thanks for reaching out. Grindr has no additional comment beyond the statement that we also provided”.


When clarification on the matter of refunds, communications with the app were suspended.

Speaking to One user said, that even if you tried to cancel the call you were still charged the connection fee. Some users have reportedly been stung with bills of up to £65, for calls they didn’t know were being placed by their handsets.

User Tom said, “The iOS version has recently started dialling (without any user choice, input or confirmation) a premium rate number – 0913 666 0010 – which carries a hefty connection charge and per minute rate, and even if you cancel it quickly you still get hit with the connection charge,”


“I’m not sure whether it’s malware within the app or their advertising partners – but either way Grindr has refused to respond or even acknowledge messages from users via twitter or email,” he added.

A user recently contacted to say that he had fallen victim to the malware, he was reportedly charged £2.50 a call that lasted just 8 seconds.

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Another user and reader of TheGayUK, Nick, wrote to us to let us know he had been charged £2.53 for another call that lasted 8 seconds. He said that his phone provider 02, had refunded the charge as a gesture of goodwill.


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