Apparently a third of all Brits have had a relationship with a work colleague at some point in their working life. Are you one of them?

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Falling in love in the workplace can often bring with it a number of unforeseen problems, such as how the relationship works when one gets promoted and becomes a manager for their new love? If the relationship ends badly, how do you manage to focus on work or do you leave your job? What personal secrets may get spilled over the coffee machine that you didn’t want out there?

A recent survey by Perkbox found that out of 8.85 million relationships, only 17% go on to marry or have a civil partnership whilst 1 in 7 people had to leave their jobs because of a messy break-up.

With more of us spending longer hours at work and often socialising with work colleagues as well, it’s no surprise that love is bound to blossom at times. However, it may be worth a thought as to whether you announce your new love or not at work as 38% of bosses said they may have a problem with workers getting together and a quarter of workplaces actively said they had policy in place to discourage romantic relationships at work.

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One thing that most agreed on is that any love life shouldn’t interfere with your work, which can often be difficult when that new love is sat opposite you giving you that cute little smile all day lo… sorry distracted there, what was I writing?

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