Lee Ryan in EastEnders

Former Boy Bander, Lee Ryan is set to join the cast of EastEnders and we’re naturally very excited about seeing Lee’s perky little face pop up in one of our favourite soap operas.

Lee Ryan in EastEnders

Blue singer, Lee Ryan is set to join one of the UK’s biggest soaps, EastEnders. He joins his other co-Blue boys, Duncan James and Simon Webb who have both landed roles in Hollyoaks and River City respectively.

So what do we know about Lee’s new character? Well, his name is, Woody Woodward – and apparently, he’s a bit of a trouble maker and his stint on the small screen is due to only be a “short-term role”.

Executive producer Sean O’Connor has teased,

“I’m delighted to welcome Lee Ryan to Walford as ‘Woody’ Woodward. Woody is a man who has worked hard and played hard in bars, clubs and pubs around the world and has finally decided to stop wandering and put down some roots.

“He’s going to ruffle some feathers and obviously break some hearts, so there’s a great deal to look forward to as soon as he bursts onto the square. Lee is a perfect casting for Albert Square and we knew straight away we wanted him for the role.”

Lee Ryan made headlines in January 2014 during his time in Celebrity Big Brother, after a series of revelations about his sex life and sexuality. In a conversation with fellow housemates, Lee admitted that he may have had experiences with “people’ which caused bandmate Duncan James to jump in with a Tweet, that read, “I thought I was the only bi/gay in the band”.

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In 2010 Lee stunned fans by stating that,

‘Me and Duncan had threesomes! We did some crazy s**t with each other. In the past we’ve done some s**t like that. It’s not weird… you just high five each other. I think they call it a spit roast.’

EastEnders continues on Thursday (February 16) at 7.30pm on BBC One.