There are five candidates currently vying for the top job in Westminster, we asked them all about how equality and security for LGBT people in Britain will be protected if they got into power.

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When David Cameron announced his resignation after the UK voted to leave the EU, five candidates threw their hats into the ring to become Britain’s next Prime Minister.


All five have a troubling history with LGBT+ rights and equalities – whether through directly voting against legislation offering equality and security or abstaining or being absent from crucial votes altogether.

This has led many in the LGBT+ community to be anxious about rights and security in the future under another leader of the current Conservative government.

Yesterday after THEGAYUK wrote to each of the candidates, Theresa May, Stephen Crabb, Liam Fox, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom to ask them what reassurances they could offer to the gay community against legislative rollback on laws affecting the LGBT+ community and the current equality we enjoy.


Here’s what each candidate has said.





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UPDATE: Monday 8:51AM

Over two days –  nothing concrete to assure the LGBT+ community that they’ll be safe within a new Conservative government.

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