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So the world is still reeling from the US election results. Yes, Trump is now President Elect of the USA.

what does Donald Trump think about gay people
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Just to remind us what President Trump feels (or has felt) about LGBT people over the years, here’s seven terrifying quotes:

1) He seemingly doesn’t need to respect trans people’s preferred pronouns.

Speaking about Caitlyn Jenner after she started her public transition Trump said,

“I knew him a little bit when Bruce was a great athlete. He was one of the best-looking people you’ll ever see.”



2) Gay people leave their opposite-sex partners because of their looks…

Not because you know, they’re gay and perhaps felt pressured into fitting into society’s expectations. Apparently, he felt that Arianna Huffington’s ex-husband left her for another man because she is,

“unattractive both inside and out.”

He went on to endorse that notion by saying,

“I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man – he made a good decision.”



3) Against gay marriage but not discrimination?

Meanwhile in opposite world, in 2011 he was against discrimination for gay people but he was also against same-sex marriage in the same breath. In 2011 he said,

“There can be no discrimination against gays. I’m against gay marriage.”


4) Marriage is for heterosexuals, okay?


In 2000 he said, according to The Advocate,

“I think the institution of marriage should be between a man and a woman, I do favour a very strong domestic-partnership law that guarantees gay people the same legal protection and rights as married people. I think it’s important for gay couples who are committed to each other to not be hassled when it comes to inheritance, insurance benefits, and other simple everyday rights.”


5) He didn’t think Carrie Prejean’s anti-gay marriage sentiment was horrible.

Defending the Miss USA beauty queen contestant, Carrie Prejean, who told Perez Hilton that she was against same-sex marriage Trump noted,

“That’s the belief of 70 percent of the people, so it wasn’t a horrible answer.”






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6) Overturning laws

Speaking on Fox News in 2016, he said that he would “strongly consider” on appointing Supreme Court justices who would overturn the gay marriage ruling.


7) Disregarding LGBTs


Finally, if you wondered where in the pecking order gay, bisexual and trans people are in Donald’s thoughts. Don’t get your hopes up. Back in 1999, he said, “It’s something I haven’t given lots of thought to.”

So that was 17 years ago… Do you think he feels differently now?

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