To challeng the "broken media landscape"

One of the UK’s most known LGBT+ journalists, Owen Jones, is set to open his own media platform, that won’t be funded by corporations or billionaires, but by its subscribers. He hopes it will become a viable challenge to right-wing media and the “broken media landscape”.

On a video posted to social media, Jones said that the questions, the debates and the path that the channel would ultimately follow would be decided by its viewers.

Channel cut by The Guardian


The move comes after Jones said that his YouTube channel which had attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views had been “cut” by the Guardian, the news outlet which Jones currently works for.

It’s unclear whether Jones will be moving on from his post at The Guardian or will be working on the media channel during his down time, although he did suggest there would be a Sunday show as well as documentary films.

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As of publishing this article, his Patreon account has 1357 patrons, which at a minimum means Jones has managed to raise at least £4,071 towards his goal.

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