A new survey has shown that only 5% of nude scenes featured LGBT+ characters. Out of 27 hours of footage that was studied, that equates to just 42 minutes and 45 seconds of on-screen nude time.

When broken down further it appeared that just under 7% of male nudity is by a gay or bi male character and just 4% for gay, bi or lesbian women. It also is worth noting that in the vast majority of cases, the LGBT+ character was played by a heterosexual actor.

The rest of the nudity discovered (95%) was reserved for heterosexual characters.

The study, which was conducted by Bingo Sites, defined nudity as showing their ‘buttocks’, ‘breasts’, or ‘genitals.

Which actors have appeared in the most scenes nude as a LGBTQ+ character?

Call Me By Your Name (2017) star, Timothée Chalamet tops our nudity ranking of male actors. Of all nude scenes Timothée has appeared in, he has been a gay character in 66.7% of them. 

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Actor% of Gay Scenes
Timothée Chalamet66.7%
Joseph Gordon-Levitt50%
Guillermo Pfening50%
Steve Howey50%
Mark Ruffalo27.3%
Colin Farrell20%
Ewan McGregor16.7%
Keanu Reeves16.7%
Antonio Banderas5.9%


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Of all of Kate Mara’s nude scenes across her filmographies, she has been an LGBT+ character in all of them.

Actress% of LGBTQ Scenes
Kate Mara100%
Ellen Page50%
Stana Katic50%
Hilary Swank36.4%
Laia Costa16.7%
Lindsay Lohan16.7%
Elizabeth Berkley9.1%
Salma Hayek7.1%
Christina Ricci6.3%
Charlize Theron3.7%

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