Some of our favourite celebrities have named their Johnsons - or had them named by fans...

Some of our favourite celebrities have named their Johnsons – or had them named by fans…

Channing Tatum
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It’s not unusual for guys to give their penises names, but some of these names are just plain unsexy… Channing Tatum, we’re looking at you doll. Now, most guys probably just plump for a run of the mill name, with “little” in front, but some have gone for dessert names, infamous racists and one has gone for the world’s largest mammal. The mind boggles.

Anyway here’s the list.

Marcel Sommerville


Love Island’s Marcel revealed the name of his peen to girlfriend Gabby Allen when he apparently waved it to her in the bedroom and introduced her to Rocky B.

Macaulay Culkin


The former child star apparently calls his dong Floyd.

Sir Tom Jones

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Wendell. I mean why?

Jamie Laing

Mercutio. I mean, if you’re posh, why not.

Channing Tatum

CREDIT: Magic Mike

During the candid interview of sorts, one excited fan asked, “Does your penis have a nickname?” To which the Magic Mike star replied, “Gilbert”.

Justin Bieber

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It wasn’t Justin who came up with this name, but his fans. Apparently, they named him Jerry, the singer told The Sunday Times Magazine, “The fans named my penis ‘Jerry’, which is funny.”

Hugh Jackman


Hunk Hugh explained on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, “I don’t know why I call him Old James Roger, but that’s what I call him. They always seem old to me. Even from a young age, they look old. You know what I mean?”

Harry Styles

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Tinie Tempah. Hummm… Supposedly, it’s “’cos it makes girls pass out…” make of that what you will.

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Jackass stuntman Steve-O has a rather respectable name for his cock. It calls it Julius, which he’s done since he was a teenager – according to Playboy.

Rainn Wilson


The Office star apparently calls his “The Fail Whale” according to Your Tango.

Owen Wilson


The Hollywood actor has decided to go with “The Butterscotch Stallion” which we love for two reasons – one: Butterscotch two: a Stallion.

John Mayer


He infamously told Playboy that he called his dick after the 5th “Grand Knight” of the KKK… David Duke. I mean WTF John. WTF.

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Gary Busey


Big Wednesday. We suppose is as good as a Big Monday…





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