Fuck 2020.

Gaga’s “Rain On Me” was good, but this… this is the zeitgeist people.

You might not have heard of Aveune Beat, but their new song, “Fuck 2020” is about as legit as they come.

In just 24 hours, the band say the song, which details all the shit that has been going on in 2020 was streamed 4.5 million times on TikTok before the platform removed the song – which the band called “ironic”.

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You can still hear the first half of the song over on their Insta.

Industry pundit, Bob Lefetz, writing in his daily rant email called the song “a hit” adding, “Why is this so engaging?, It’s the chorus. Not only the words, but the actual music, hear it enough and you want to sing along”.