Film director Ira Sachs has told THEGAYUK that homophobia is alive and kicking in Hollywood.

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Speaking before the general release of his new film Little Men (out today) award winning director and writer Ira Sachs told that homophobia, and perhaps more worryingly internalised homophobia is alive and well in the film industry and that gay men were “the worst in Hollywood”.


When asked about the film industry’s record on diversity and whether the industry suffered from internalised homophobia, he answered,

“It certainly is”.

He continued,

“Gay men are some of the worst in Hollywood.

“Well, for understandable reasons, people live by fear and they make choices based on fear.


Ira Sach’s latest film, Little Men is a coming-of-age film following the story of two teenage boys whose relationship is put under pressure after their parents fall out over business terms.

He went on to explain why he thought that internalised homophobia existed in the film industry, suggesting that economic fears and job stability could be to be blame.

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 When the choice is about your job and your fear of what happens if you don’t succeed, if you take a risk that’s actually personal, so there’s a lot of reasons people choose to be safe.

Read the full interview with Ira Sachs here

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