Day: 23 September 2016

  • OPINION | The Strange Case of Phi Phi O’Hara

    This article does contain spoilers for All Stars season 2. With RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 having just broadcast its latest episode, with a dramatic twist, a hoo-hah has erupted between the shows makers and one of its star turns. In this case, it’s Phi Phi O’Hara aka Jaremi Carey. Phi Phi was the […]

  • Homophobia: Gay Men “the worst” in Hollywood – Ira Sachs

    Film director Ira Sachs has told THEGAYUK that homophobia is alive and kicking in Hollywood.   Speaking before the general release of his new film Little Men (out today) award winning director and writer Ira Sachs told that homophobia, and perhaps more worryingly internalised homophobia is alive and well in the film industry and […]

  • INTERVIEW | Ira Sachs

    With the release of his new film, Little Men, Ira Sachs sits down with THEGAYUK’s Editor in Chief Jake Hook to talk about why ‘coming-of-age’ films don’t need to be about sex and why economic woes could be making Hollywood’s homosexuals homophobic.   I’m led up some steep stairs to an attic room where the […]

  • INTERVIEW | Jamal Gerald – Taking Back the FADoubleGOT

    INTERVIEW |  Jamal Gerald – Taking Back the FADoubleGOT

    Confrontation of prejudice is not always easy, but is essential in breaking down barriers. At 22 years old, Jamal Gerald, a black, gay, performance artist is embarking on his first UK tour with the provocatively named show “FADoubleGOT”.   Using his one man show to tell his own personal story of the highs, lows and […]

  • Teenager raped and robbed in Manchester’s Gay Village

    Teenager raped and robbed in Manchester’s Gay Village

    Police are calling for witnesses after a teenage girl was robbed and held down and raped in Manchester’s gay village.   An 18-year-old woman was held down and raped by a man and two men in Manchester’s gay village on Wednesday (21st September) morning. The attack happened at 2:50AM in Major Street. The victim was […]

  • FILM REVIEW | Sausage Party

    FILM REVIEW | Sausage Party

    SAUSAGE PARTY – Very adult full length animation movie about life inside a supermarket for the foodstuffs; Think South Park with a lot more sex jokes and liberal use of the c word… and it is making a fortune. Nutshell – A sausage and his mates start to question that there future may not be […]

  • MYSTYLE | Jahmene Douglas

    MYSTYLE | Jahmene Douglas

    Jahméne Douglas was undoubtedly one of the breakout stars from the ninth season of X FACTOR, which would crown James Arthur as the winner.   After reaching number 1 with his first album Jahméne is back with the second. We caught up with the man to find out a few of his favourite things. Watch: […]

  • Lloyd Daniels’ call for help

    Remember Lloyd Daniels from the 6th series of X Factor, well he took to Instagram to share something. The singer, who came fifth in his series of X Factor has taken to Instagram calling on help from his fans. It seems as though he just can’t get the motivation for the gym – and we’re […]