The former X Factor star Honey G has come out and she’s looking for love.

One of X Factor‘s most controversial acts, Honey G, has come out in an interview with The Sun, revealing her perfect woman is Queen Latifah.


Honey G, real name Anna Gilford has told The Sun‘s Dan Wooton that she has decided to come out and reveal that she wants to be with women. In a candid interview, she said,

“I was in the process of kind of deciding if I was going to stay with the boyfriend that I had at the time.

“I was DJing in Ayia Napa and I met someone out there and that was the turning point.

“I didn’t have real girlfriends until I finished university.”

The star also revealed that she hopes to find a woman to settle down with and start a family saying that she has wanted kids since she was 19-year-old.

She said,

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“I have dabbled with men before, but I’m gay and looking for a female partner that I want to settle down with,”


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