New shocking pictures have emerged showing the reported execution of two gay men in Iraq, having been found guilty of being gay.

Two men are seen being thrown off the tower, one by one, both with their hands tied behind their backs with cable ties, with their eyes covered. Before the men are thrown off the tower, one of the fighters reads from a list he declares the men guilty of homosexual acts. The men are then thrown over by two Islamic State fighters, who wear black hoods. Below a baying crowd can be seen watching the terrifying execution of the two men.

As one man falls to his death, another man in red can be seen below, after being pushed.


In December, a man was thrown off a building to his death having been accused of being gay.

The pictures, which purport to show ISIS executing two men, were found guilty of being gay in Iraq. The two were thrown from a tower in Nineveh, Iraq, in the latest way of horrifying executives by ISIS. Nineveh is an ancient northern city on the eastern bank if the Tigris river.

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It is, however, legal to have same-sex sexual activity in Iraq, however many LGBT people suffer from discrimination, abuse and honour killings. According to the BBC, since the withdrawal of the US from Iraq physical violence and sexual attacks on LGBTs has increased.

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