UK Version Of Drag Race Not Coming To Channel 5

17th January 2015 0 By News Desk

While hopes were running high that Drag Race UK could be coming to Channel 5, we’ve got bad news.

A spokesperson for the Channel put a dampener on the rumours that Drag Race UK was coming to Channel 5 saying, “There are no discussions around a UK version of the show”, after The Race Family Facebook page said that they were expecting to reveal more information within the next two weeks.

But is that a light at the end of the tunnel? – “no discussions about a UK version”. Does this mean that they’ll broadcast the US version – taking the crown away from the current home of Drag Race, Netflix.

At the moment the US drag reality show is only available to view on Netflix, to which only a small proportion of the UK are signed up to.

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In a recent poll by THEGAYUK found that the Drag Race franchise was voted the most popular gay TV format, beating Queer As Folk, Looking, The L Word and Dante’s Cove.