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It is staffed by a mix of British unemployed trainees in a hope to get Britain working again. Guests have the option to pay or not to pay, but which team will make the most money for unemployment charities?



With Mary Portas and Gordan Ramsey running the teams as co-general managers, only time will tell if this gamble will pay off. Can they make Hotel GB one of the best hotels in the country after only one week?



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They are joined by a selection of familiar faces, such as Gok Wan, Dr. Christian Jessen, and the fabulous Katie Piper. Whether you want a ‘Jackie Collins’ cocktail, great British food, or a ‘boyzilian’, the Hotel GB has it all on offer.


There have already been a plethora of mistakes, including the receptionist Natasha quitting after five hours into her first shift, and a communication breakdown in the kitchen. Can the trainees step up to the mark and prove poise, personality, and professionalism?
It is easy to mock the mishaps, but we have to remind ourselves that these trainees have been thrown in at the deep end after having one years worth of training in one week. But who can prove themselves as a the most worthy employee? There is the opportunity for two of them to be offered a permanent position by both Portas and Ramsey by the end of the week.
If you want to apply to stay at Hotel GB, you better apply quickly http://hotelgb.channel4.com/apply/
Although the first day may not have so run smoothly, I have high hopes for the end of the week. Can Hotel GB really prove there are unemployed individuals out there with determination, common sense and worth? Lets hope so.


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Hotel UK aired tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm for this week only


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