After all the drama, Alexander O’Neal has left the building.

In a statement from the Big Brother producers, Alexander O’Neal has chosen to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House, after yesterday’s fall out with Perez Hilton. The Criticise singer called the openly gay celebrity blogger a “Silly Ass Faggot”.

It has not been confirmed why the singer has left, however, yesterday producers at the show gave O’Neal an official warning after using the slur.

In the diary room, Alexander told Big Brother that he didn’t feel comfortable in any corner of the House. Big Brother then issued Alexander with a formal warning because of his unacceptable language towards Perez. Alexander apologised for his actions.

Earlier on in the day Perez had been antagonising “Criticise” hit maker, Alexander O’Neal by staring and blowing kisses at him. When Alexander leaves to go to the lounge, Perez follows and sits silently. Eventually, this causes Alexander to tell Perez, “I know what you want but you’re not going to get it…You’re going to sit there with that silly ass fa**ot look on your face”

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Speaking to Big Brother Perez told Big Brother that he needed to speak with his lawyer and initially refused to sit in the Diary Room chair. He went on to say that two Housemates have threatened him, and questions whether Alexander can control his emotions. Perez then started crying and said, “I have tried with every ounce of my being to be a professional here” Big Brother reassures Perez that his welfare is a top priority.