The biopic of Jeffrey Dahmer's formative years has been released onto Now TV. How many men did he murder and who were his victims?

The film, My Friend Dahmer focuses on a year before he committed his first murder. That of Steven Hicks in 1978. Steven Hicks was killed after accepting a lift from Dahmer. He was killed by being bludgeoned by a dumbbell and then strangled. Dahmer then dismembered and crushed Hicks’ remains and scattered them in the woodlands near his home.

It is thought that Dahmer killed 17 young men between 1978 and 1991. They were aged between 14 and 32 years old. Their names are:

Steven Hicks 18, Steven Tuomi 25, James Doxtator 14, Ricard Guerrero 22, Anthony Sears 24, Raymond Smith 32, Edward Smith 27, Ernest Miller 22, David Thomas 22, Curtis Straughter 17, Errol Lindsey 19, Tony Hughes 31, Konerak Sinthasomphone 14, Matt Turner 20, Jeremiah Weinberger 23, Oliver Lacy 24, Joseph Bradehoft 25.

Twelve of his 17 known victims were murdered in his North 25th Street home in Wisconsin. Three of the victims were killed in his grandmother’s house and his first and second victims were slain in his childhood home.

He was given 16 life terms for his crimes. However, he only served a few years of his sentence.

Was Jeffrey Dahmer gay?

Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer identified as gay during his teenage years. However, did not come out to his parents. He is also known to have committed sex offences against underage males and indecent exposure.

Many of his victims were also gay, but not all. Most of his victims were found at gay bars. He would typically offer them money for a nude photoshoot. He would get them drunk or drugged before having sex. He would usually kill his victims by strangulation. However, he was known to drill holes in his victims and pour a liquid into the cavities, including boiling water and hydrochloric acid.

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Is Jeffery Dahmer alive?

Jeffrey Dahmer was killed while serving his prison sentence for the murders of his 17 victims. He was beaten to death in 1994, just three years into his sentence. Christoper Scarver was also serving time for murder at the Columbia Correctional Institute when he killed Dahmer with severe head trauma.

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