We die we die…

In front of my salad woman gets a sequel
You’ve guessed it… She’s only gone and walked in as two hunks play hide the sausage… and in front of her salad too! How dare they.

The salad lady Nikki Romaine took the internet by storm when millions of people engaged with the “in front of my salad” storyline. For those not in the know, she somehow was unaware that two guys were shagging right in front of her as she was eating salad…” She was inducted into the meme hall of fame instantly for the epic, nah, almost legendary line that followed when she figured out that they weren’t just grilling cheese.

Now those folks at the gay porn studio, Men.com have given the “in front of my salad’ girl a sequel… Watch below as she literally loses her salad.


Please note the below embed is NSFW.

Nikki Romaine carefully prepares a delicious, healthly salad – totally unaware of the fate that is just around the corner.

Please note the lavish salad items – this woman goes to town – we see chickpeas – tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, greens- so many glorious greens… Oh yeah – and there’s, of course, two hunky guys going at it in a “massage room”.


The bit we love is at the end when she screams … not again.

Someone has to give the salad lady, her own show.

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