India Willoughby: Involving kids in drag ‘opens them up to abuse and grooming’

Celebrity Big Brother star India Willougby has slammed the idea of kids doing drag.

(C) MiniKweenKeeKee / INSTAGRAM

India Willougby has spoken out about children performing in drag, saying that drag is “no place for young kids”, before adding that it is a “slippy slope” which could open them to ‘all sorts of abuse and grooming’.

Speaking about Kween Kee Kee who at the age of nine has become one of the world’s most famous drag children, India was clear in her objection to the notion of children getting involved with this type of performance art.

In a tweet, the news presenter wrote “Can no-one see why this is wrong?” in connection to a story about how a nine-year-old drag queen, has become a hit on Instagram.

India continued, “Drag is dripping in sexual innuendo. No place for young kids. Involving kids is a slippy slope. Open to all sorts of abuse, grooming etc.”.

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India also asked that people drop the connection between drag and transgender people, adding, “Despite the best efforts of Stonewall and sections of LGBT to make it so, the two are completely unrelated”.

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During her time on Celebrity Big Brother, the series which also starred Courtney Act, India Willoughby made it known that she was phobic of drag queens.

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