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GoFundMe page created for the guy with the “never ending” erection

A man who has had a permanent erection for over a week now has a crowd funder.

A gay man who has a permanent erection after having a drug injected into his penis by a one night stand, hook up, who happened to be nurse, has had a crowd funder created for him by two friends, to help create awareness of his condition, which is called Priapism.

Danny checked in a hospital when his erection wouldn’t subside. According to reports, he took a viagra before going clubbing but ended up hooking up with a nurse who then injected his penis was an “erection enhancer” he told Pink News.


His condition has left him “screaming in pain” and could suffer from permanent damage to his dick. Doctors have given the odds of around 50 per cent that he’ll ever be able to have an erection again.

“he lost a lot of blood and may have been close to death”

Medical professionals have tried numerous ways to calm his erection including blood-thinning drugs.

Two friends of Danny, Paul Jones and Mariana Ungaretti have organised a fundraiser for him, writing,

“Danny has been suffering with a potentially life-threatening priapism for more than 10 days.

He has been in a lot of pain, last week he lost a lot of blood and may have been close to death. He is being brave, focused and is a survivor! But however positive he’s trying to be, he’s also traumatised and often crying with extreme stress and anxiety.

“Some days he’s been in so much pain, that he has blacked out / fallen unconscious, even with strong pain relief.

“His aim is to raise awareness about Priapism; A misunderstood, painful and dangerous condition that is affecting the gay/queer community increasingly more each year”.


The fundraiser is aiming to reach 5000 Euros, and is created just under €1000. If you’d like to donate, click here.





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