Andrew Trott-Barn

What the world needs now is makeovers, sweet makeovers – ITV’s Daybreak teams Jane McDonald, she of Camp On High and celebrity hair stylist Andrew Trott-Barn to give Star Treatment.

Andrew Trott-Barn

Morning TV is about to get a little camper, yes I know what I just said, as openly gay celebrity hair stylist Andrew Trott-Barn and Jane McDonald unleash their Northern charms to the nation, whilst giving under-appreciated workers of the UK the Star Treatment. ATB has even fingered the locks of Vivienne Westwood no less…

We caught up with the stylist to get the goss from the set.

On the show: The camp-o-metre was off the scale, To work, play and even sing the odd sing song together with Jane Mcdonald every day was amazing! She’s funny, hilarious and a little bit cheeky too. Every gay man’s dream!! Proper northern banter.

Do we need star treatment? The show isn’t about flaws, It’s about making the best out of someone, giving them confidence, advice and making them Red-Carpet-Ready. Making them feel like a star for the day.

Another ANTM? Don’t get me wrong some of the transformations do draw a comparison to ANTM.

I’d never work again! Being a Celebrity hairdresser you get to know a lot of stories and gossip. It would be career suicide to share any of it!! Everyone has issues big or small, as long as you have friends and family around you who love you unconditionally that’s all that matters.

I would love to: makeover/under Katie Price. Lose some of those extensions; I think she would look great with shorter hair.

Andrew Trott-Barn

My Husband, son and family mean the world to me, I wake up everyday and feel lucky to having such a great home life and family unit around me. All my close friends are just like my family, in fact they are my family too.

I had a brain tumor removed almost 4 years ago. Going through something like that really makes you get your life in order and concentrate on the things that make you genuinely happy. Live life to the max!

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If you’re not happy then do something about it. Anything is possible if your put your mind to it. I’m busy with work, I’m a husband, a father, a brother and a best friend.

‘Your here for a good time, not a long time’..

‘Dance like nobody’s watching , sing like like nobody’s listening and f**k like your being filmed! Lol x

I couldn’t live without my husband Michael (and our 4dogs). I always come home to smile and a waggy tail.

Something people are always surprised (never actually) to learn is that I speak my mind at the most inappropriate times. If I have an opinion I just have to say it! Even if I’m wrong! #awkward #stubborn

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Andrew Trott-Barn

Getting Poltical… Sochi Olympics, I think what is happening in Russia is just plain wrong. Being anti-gay isn’t going to help anyone, You can’t discuss, write or even talk about being gay or having gay issues. I think as a nation we should maybe stand up for what we believe, unfortunately if we were in Russia we wouldn’t even be having this interview!


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