Bourgeois & Maurice talk to TheGayUK about battling homophobia in Serbia, Sugartits and the temptation of forbidden family relations. Strap yourselves in guys, this pair hold no punches with their original music ranging from the dastardly sounding ‘Lizard Men’ to the druging of children with ‘Ritalin’!

Hello Bourgeois & Maurice how are you both today?

Currently whizzing our sugartits off on the strongest coffee known to man. It’s our only vice (along with 9 or 10 others).
Folk want to know, are you a couple and If not have you ever been tempted?

We’re brother and sister, so a couple of sorts. And yes, of course we’ve been tempted!
What can folk expect from coming to one of your stage shows?

Imagine if Pee Wee Herman lived with the Addams Family in 1970s glam-rock era London. And they invited Moira Stewart and Jon Snow to stay for a weekend. Our show is very much like that.
Who is the genius behind the original music and lyrics?

We both are babes. What’s the plural for genius? genie? That’s us we’re genies.
One of our favourites from your collection is the song Ritalin. Do you draw on your own lives for lyrical inspiration?  

We actually wrote Ritalin for a primary schools tour we were supposed to do a few years ago. It was cancelled cos of something to do with a parents’ protest and the police. A real shame. We’d bought a glitter canon and everything.
Do you have a favourite costume? (If so do you have a pic of it?)

Probably Georgeois Bourgeois’s all in one pink & black polka dot cat suit / gimp suit. Disturbing and ridiculous all in one. Much like us.

Where’s been your most memorable performance?

Unexpectedly, probably Belgrade in Serbia. It was for an anti-homophobia festival, there were armed police surrounding the venue, we were interviewed on national TV to ask about our make up & how to fight homophobia (in that order) and there was a stage invasion at the end (prompted by us). One of our best shows ever!
Are there wild after show parties and pictures of you crawling out of club doors at 5am or is it more a cuppa tea and finger bun watching country file?

As much as we try, nobody seems to want photograph us coming out of clubs. We go to them EVERY night of the week, Maurice gets out of cabs as unladylike as possible, and Georgeois Bourgeois looks just like Kate Middleton, but it doesn’t seem to work. We also didn’t have our phones hacked. Life’s a bitch sometimes.
Which of you can pull a guy the easiest?

By ‘pull’ do you mean ‘rugby tackle to the ground and steal his wallet & phone while simultaneously caressing his upper thighs and back’? Cos we’re both pretty good at that, tbh.
And in the same line, which of you has pulled the most guys?

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Depends on your definition of “guy”.
Have you ever dated an audience member?

Yes, at least once during every show.
If your life was a sitcom which one would it be?

Breaking Bad. So FUNNY! We love how totes hilar Walter White is, especially in series 5, what a JOKER. Just like us.
If you could have gone to any concert over the last 50 years which one do you wish you had attended?

Bowie’s Ziggy Startdust tour. No joke involved in that answer, we just genuinely would have loved to go.
Where would you most like to live in the World?

Downtown New York circa 1984 (the same year as Ghostbusters).
What are your star signs and do you take any characteristics from them?

Maurice is a Virgo which means she’s emotionally cold & unresponsive, but highly organised. Bourgeois is an Aries, which means he’s stubborn, arrogant and has a pair of goat horns on his head like Beelzebub.

Can folk buy your records and if so where from?

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YES! We’re releasing our BRAND NEW ALBUM on March 11th. Available on our website Also available on iTunes, but the CD looks really bloody nice. We also have 2 other albums available, but this new one is the best.
Will you be touring this year?

Fo shiz! We’re taking our Edinburgh Fringe show “Sugartits” all over, doing 18 dates around the UK, and one in Poland, obvs. All the dates and deets can be found at
Have you ever received anything naughty or nice from a fan?

Bourgeois got offered discount botox from an unqualified surgeon after a show in Manchester a few weeks ago. And someone bought Maurice a gin & tonic once. So yeah, it’s all pretty lavish and glam in our world.
Thank you for speaking with us and we hope you have a great tour.

You’re welcome you big flirt.
If you’d like to know more about Bourgeois & Maurice then do check out their website or tweet them your love @BourgMaurice

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