With the biggest night in the movie industry about to commence, we take a look at the films that have brought actors a little golden man nomination for playing LGBT roles. Some more memorable than others, but all very important in portraying the history of gay life.

Below is the list of films that has bagged an Oscar nomination for the actor playing gay roles. Which were your favourite?

2012: Christopher Plummer (Best Supporting Actor) – Beginners

2006: Judy Dench (Best Actress) – Notes on a scandal

2005: Felicity Huffman (Best Actress) – Transamerica

2005: Heath Ledger (Best Actor) – Brokeback Mountain

2005: Phillip Seymour Hoffman (Best Actor) – Capote

2003: Charlize Theron (Best Actress) – Monster

2002: Nicole Kidman (Best Actress) – The Hours

2002: Ed Harris (Best Supporting Actor) – The Hours

2002: Julianne Moore (Best Supporting Actress) The Hours

2000: Javier Bardem (Best Actor) – Before Night Falls

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1999: Hillary Swank (Best Actress) – Boys Don’t Cry

1998: Ian McKellan (Best Actor) – Gods and Monsters

1997: Greg Kinnear (Best Supporting Actor) – As Good As it Gets

1993: Tom Hanks (Best Actor) – Philadephia

1990: Bruce Davison (Best Actor) – Longtime Companion

1985: William Hurt (Best Actor) – Kiss of the Spider Woman

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1983: Cher (Best Supporting Actress) – Silkwood

1981: James Coco (Best Supporting Actor) – Only When I Laugh

1975: Al Pacino (Best Actor) Dog Day Afternoon

1971: Peter Finch (Best Actor) – Sunday Bloody Sunday

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