Getting Go – The Go-Doc Project is one of the hottest and sexiest independent films we have seen in a very long time and it is finally being released here on DVD and VOD. To celebrate we caught up with Cory Krueckeberg, the director and writer who sat down with THEGAYUK to give us this exclusive interview.

Firstly congratulations on the film that THEGAYUK review was happy to give a well-deserved 5 out 5 rating. We are intrigued to know how you actually came to making this film in the first place.
Well, the whole process of getting a movie off the ground can take years and requires not only a lot of money but a great deal of patience too. I had many projects in the works but was getting so frustrated with waiting so I pitched the idea of Getting Go to Tom (Gustafson) my filmmaking partner as something to do whilst we waited.

We raised $10,000 quickly via Kickstarter, and polished off a script and then he and I spent the summer filming. Just us, the two actors, and no crew whatsoever. Real hard-core guerilla filming at its best.

And where did the idea of the slightly nerdy film student boy pursuing this hot go-go dancer that he obsesses over come from?
To be honest, it was slightly autobiographical, as I had spotted someone online that was as hot as Go and I was thinking about how to meet him, but the way it panned out in the movie, especially the hot make-out scene, was purely fictional.

Are you sure?
Sadly yes! Lol.

And how did you find your two leading actors who were so key to the success of this film?
Well, I found Matthew Camp online via a NY nightlife blog and I reached out to him with a very similar email as Doc does in the film. I quickly discovered that beyond the dancing he is also a successful clothing designer and a very committed artist and he was more than happy to come onboard once I outlined my idea to him. Tanner Cohen had worked with us before and starred in ’Were the World Mine’ and was a natural fit as Doc once we had signed up Matthew.

There was not only a great on-screen chemistry between the two actors, but all of their scenes were very fluid. Were you shooting from an actual script or just an outline?
A little of both. It seemed natural to let them improvise at times especially when they both got so into their characters.

How important was it to you that the two men were more multi-dimensional than we could have expected in a low budget film of this genre?
Well with Matthew in particular as he is an artist off the screen it seemed an easy fit to make that part of his character. I also always look for something in culture to help root my movies in real life and in this case I was doing a wee homage to Warhol which seemed very relevant also in how this film was being made.

The lovemaking scene was tender, extremely sensual and very hot. Was that easy for the actors to play?
Matthew wanted to shoot that scene right away to get it over and done with, but Tanner favoured leaving it to the end hoping that the connection they made by then would propel them along.

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Well, who won?
We actually filmed the entire movie in sequence as you see it on the screen, which is a very rare organic thing to do.

Well, it certainly worked as by the time that these two very different characters were getting down to it, we were all rooting for them to succeed.
Thank you.

You mentioned your reasons for why this was made on a micro-budget using video cameras and even laptops to feel, but did you have any sense at the beginning of this whole project that the end product would be hailed as part of this breakthrough of new queer cinema?
We set out to make something that was both informing and entertaining but more importantly to me we treated their sexuality as part of their psyche and not what totally defined who these men are. That made it much easier for audiences to relate to them and the fact as characters they were very related.

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And why do this story in particular?
This story follows a path we all wish we could take. To come face to face, body to body, with our obsessions, our idols… and I felt this particular connecting of a naively academic country boy to the object of his desire, who turns out to be a nuanced, thoughtfully provocative soul, could satisfy the audience’s need for both sex and substance.

Oh, and I wanted to meet Matthew Camp.

GETTING GO is out on DVD and on demand from Peccadillo Pictures. It can be ordered now from Amazon.

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