We’re trying our hardest to keep the blues away now that London Live’s ‘Drag Queens Of London’s’ first series has ended, but never fear, THEGAYUK has exclusive interviews with some of the stars. We caught up with Violet Sparks to see how DQOL changed her life and why she’s giving up tucking.

Since DQOL has aired, how has life changed?
Hardly at all… which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be able to dabble in drag and learn of the fascinating world at my own pace and leisure.

What are your favourite highlights from the show?
Everything with me on obvs, but also every time Baga opens her mouth, and every-time Vicki Vivacious is on the screen. I could watch her on mute and still be as fascinated by her.

Has being involved with DQOL changed you for the better for worse?

For the next series… What more would you, could you, bring to the show…?
I’ve got a unique mix of a professional non-drag life with very average hobbies and interests juxtaposed with this crazy world of drag. Season 2 would catch up on whether I still have Violet in my life or not and what‘s next for her

So should the UK have a Drag Race?
Yes. I don’t watch the US version because it’s too Americanised. British people are funnier and we could relate more to the drag queens on it. Hearing British people faking American accents make me want to dive for their jugular.

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What are your thoughts on Jonathan Ross presenting it?
He’s amazing but he should run a spin off show for the UK drag race, like Xtra Factor.

As the war of the words rages on with RuPaul, Logo and Glaad surrounding the word ‘tranny’ where you do you sit on the matter?
I don’t know enough to make a judgment other than all I can see is a war between a group of people being over-PC and a larger group with the ‘you can’t tell me what I can and can’t say’ mentality.

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To tuck or not to tuck? And if you do – how do you do it?
I’ve given up tucking. In Episode 5 I gaffer taped it down and it HURT! They know I’ve got a dick, it’s too painful to try to hide that fac


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