TheGayUK’s Matthew Peake catches up with adult star Edwin Skyes for our Porn Issue.

In our porn issue, we interviewed some of the world’s most popular porn stars to ask them everything you ever wanted to know for our Being A Porn Star Series.

The interview comes from Issue 13, July 2015.

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MP: Have you told your family? Have you told your friends?
ES: As far as my family go it’s not something I’ve shared. A few of my closest friends know. It was never really a big surprise for them as I’ve always had somewhat of an ego. I got a fairly positive reaction after explaining the reality of everything.

MP: Are there things you’ve learnt doing porn that you’ve included in your personal life?
ES: On a sexual level I’ve learnt so much. Too much to list, but it’s sad how much people are sheltered from some of the most exciting aspects of sex, which porn has certainly allowed me to discover.

MP: Do partners expect you to be an ‘expert’ on sex?
ES: On a personal level the industry has allowed me to become so much more confident with myself and others and also helped me to understand my body more. I definitely wouldn’t say I was an expert, but people do like to think I’ve tried everything and know everything about sex simply because I’m in porn.

MP: Is it hard to find romantic partners as sex is such an intimate part of the human experience, how do you balance the act versus the deeper connection?
ES: I’ve always found it difficult to find romance on a level I’d like, but I’m a hopeless romantic at heart so romance in a relationship is quite important to me and I believe sex is one of the best ways of showing a connection, even in open relationships I find sex is more intense and fulfilling with your partner.

MP: Have you ever dated another porn star?
ES: I recently split with my partner after about 9 months, he also worked in the industry so it was very easy for us to understand each others career and day to day lives. Because of this, I’d definitely prefer a relationship with another model, simply because outside of porn the industry carries certain stigmas that would probably make a relationship quite difficult for me. The camaraderie between other models is pretty incredible, since starting porn I’ve made some of my closest friends who I know I can talk to anything about. No point in having any secrets when you’re on display 24/7.

MP: Do you ever bottom? If so, how do you take care of yourself? Do bottoms really get paid more than tops?
ES: I would probably consider myself exclusively bottom now (thanks to a certain Ashton Bradley). Taking care of yourself can be quite a chore, but mainly I tend to just keep an eye on my diet, eating healthily definitely makes things a lot easier. And as far as bottoms getting paid more, it’s pretty much just a myth for the most of the industry, unfortunately.

MP: Do you sleep with your fans? Would you sleep with a fan if they paid you?
ES: As far as that goes, it would depend on the person. It’s not something that’s happened, and as for being paid, it’s not something I do. I don’t have quite the level of confidence to escort.

MP: Do you think porn fuels a form of prostitution within the industry?
ES: Porn fuelling prostitution? I wouldn’t use the term prostitution, but I know a lot of models who escort are building client lists from their reputation in the industry. It’s a completely normal thing to me. It carries a lot of stigma on the outside of porn, but at the end of the day, they are providing a legitimate service for their clients.

MP: Do you worry about STIs?
ES: Personally STIs are always something I keep in mind, it can put me out of work for a while if I was to catch anything. But anyone inside or out of the industry should be concerned about STIs. It’s so easy to get tested nowadays there’s no excuse not to. Although I don’t work in bareback porn I know models and studios who do, from my experience I would say bareback sex in porn is safer than in your personal life.

MP: How do fans react to you in the street? Do you find that a lot of people chat you up?
ES: A lot of the time where I’ve met fans I’ve been out with other models, the main reaction we get is what Ashton Bradley calls the “porn double take”. Most people don’t tend to come and strike up a conversation, but if they do they’ll just discover we’re fairly normal. I get pretty much the same amount of advances as I did before porn, but now people tend to know a lot about me, which is always a good laugh.

MP: Why do you think porn is so popular?
ES: Because it’s awesome! If you can’t live out a fantasy in your personal life porn can help you experience it. And other than actual sex whats better than watching hot guys get down and dirty? Also, let’s not forget that porn can be as artistic as any other film, it’s simply a form of expression.

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MP: What would you say to people who want to get into porn?
ES: Go for it! I wouldn’t deter anyone that wanted to do porn. I’ve loved every minute of it. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the fact that someone you know may get to see more of you than they or you want them to. You’ll make some great friends too!

MP: What’s the best/worst thing about doing porn?
ES: The best part of porn for me is meeting incredible people, I’ve made some really good friends through my work and even got to have sex with some of them and get paid. As for the worst bit, I’d definitely say it’s the stigma from the outside of the industry, a lot of people just think we have issues, but at the end of the day, we have a job, just like any other normal human being.

MP: What do you think is the future of porn?
ES: The future of porn in the UK I’d say is uncertain right now. The BBFC are enforcing ridiculous laws, allowing them to dictate what consenting adults can and can’t do on camera. Their excuse is that they’re trying to protect people, while they will allow the release of films like 50 Shades of Grey that depicts people in situations they don’t allow in porn and also glorifies domestic violence while giving people a horrifically wrong idea of the world of BDSM. Double standards is certainly the term to be used here.

MP: What’s the average day of a porn star?
ES: The only difference between a normal person’s day is some mornings when I wake up I know I get to go have sex with beautiful men and get paid for it.

MP: After all the sex and fame and thrill… what’s next?
ES I hope to work abroad with some different studios at some point. But I like to take things day by day, so who knows what will come along. Age isn’t necessarily a limitation in porn, I love an older guy and there are some beautiful hunks out there who’ve been in the industry for years. I think the secret is just keeping yourself in shape for as long as possible.

MP: Is there anything that you won’t do in porn?
ES: There are a few things I won’t do in a scene, I won’t go into details, but we all have our limits and trying to film something that doesn’t do it for you will make an awful scene.

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MP: How much do you get paid?
ES All I’ll say it’s good money for a few hours of fun.

MP: How would you describe your sexuality?
ES Being crude… Gay as a bag of fairies, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

MP: Porn is…
ES: I think porn is great! I would consider it artistic, if you look at what directors like Jake Jaxon of Cockyboys have done recently you’ll be amazed. The films are of such quality it’s more than just sex on camera, it is art. There’s something out there for everyone to enjoy. Porn is not taboo, it’s natural. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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