TheGayUK’s Matthew Peake catches up with adult star Theo Ford for our Porn Issue.

In our porn issue we interviewed some of the world’s most popular porn stars to ask them everything you ever wanted to know for our Being A Porn Star Series.

The interview comes from Issue 13, July 2015.

CREDIT: with permission/ Buck Peters

MP: So how did you get into porn? How many auditions did you have to go through before you got your first job?
TF: I started porn aged 25. I had been contacted many times by producers before and I now felt I was ready and confident enough to do it. I never “auditioned” really. Just Skype interviews to talk with the studios and the producers at most. I started with FRENCH TWINKS. It was like a family, Antoine the producer and Jerome the production assistant are amazing and sweet people. Generous and positive. I don’t think I could have started my porn career in any better conditions. I got very stressed when we started filming but as time went on I relaxed and I am now excited to get on set! I am pretty shy in my personal life.

MP: Have you told your family? Have you told your friends?
TF: All my friends know. Some of my family does too. I don’t think it was such a surprise, but since I do look somewhat innocent and sweet (which is kind of the opposite of the average porn star) I maybe didn’t have the regular porn star look.

MP: Is it hard to find romantic partners as sex is such an intimate part of the human experience, how do you balance the act versus the deeper connection? What are your thoughts about sex and relationships?
TF: I’m very lucky to be able to choose my scene partners most of the time. And I have very often shot with guys who I knew or at least liked. So it was easier to open up sexually to them. It is acting, you must remember that!  I am acting on set. I flip a switch and I tell myself that this is my lover for the next few hours. I love getting a real connection to my scene partner. The sex looks real and the energy is honest. Hopefully people can see it through my movies.

MP: Have you ever dated another porn star? If so, would you only ever date porn stars?
TF: I have so many porn star friends. I love working with them. We laugh so much on set!
I know for a fact that it is very hard to date someone who isn’t in the industry at all. You need to find a person that is confident and understands that you having sex with another guy on set is only work. But my husband Shawn Stolz is so understanding and proud of me for doing what I love. He understands even if he gets jealous sometimes (laughs)

MP: Do you receive bizarre messages from fans? What is the weirdest message or request you’ve received from fan?
TF: I get a lot of very sweet messages. Some are a bit more intrusive of course but that’s the price you get when you become a public figure. I’m so happy to answer questions to the greatest extent. All my messages are usually kind words or simply some advice on porn or sex. I am very active on Twitter and I love being in contact with my fans.

MP: Do you sleep with your fans? Would you sleep with a fan if they paid you? Do you think porn fuels a form of prostitution within the industry?
TF: Well, doing escorting is NOT prostitution. There is major differences between the two. First, you don’t pick up an escort on the side of the road. Second, escorting isn’t only or even at all about sex. It is about companionship. You give the intimacy to a person who is looking for it. It could be going to the movies or to dinner, a holiday or even just talking. Doing porn takes a lot of time and you must be free on a regular basis, having a 9 to 5 job doesn’t allow that most of the time. And escorting does give you the financial freedom to accept only the shoots you want and also to travel across the world for shoots.

MP: Do you worry about STIs?
TF: Of course I worry about STIs. But unlike many people I’m actually informed about them. I get tested all the time and I’m aware of all the risks.

MP: Do you think bareback porn is contributing to rising rates of HIV in young gay men?
TF: No I do not believe that porn is a major contributor of bareback sex. The biggest studios in the world only do safe sex (, Falcon, Colt, men at play, Dominic Ford). You don’t go killing your neighbour or rob a bank because you saw it in a movie. People need to be educated on sexual practises and health.

Yes many love bareback sex. So we should make sure they are aware of their status and that they take care of themselves instead of creating a stigma and looking down on them.

MP: Why do you think porn is so popular?
TF: Porn is a place where ALL your fantasies can play out without anyone criticising you for them. I love porn but I love doing porn even more!

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MP: What would you say to people who want to get into porn?
TF: Make sure you know what porn is all about. The good and the bad. You need to be very strong and tough to overcome the hard critics and bad experiences.

MP: What’s the best/worst thing about doing porn?
TF: The best thing about porn is meeting amazing people. The human factor is essential to me.
The worst thing about porn to me is that I sometimes get lonely. I travel all over the world alone. I have friends everywhere thanks to porn but the stability is definitely missing from my life. You need to know why you want to do porn and are you ready to be labelled for the rest of your life as a porn performer.

MP: What do you think is the future of porn?
TF: If I knew the future of porn I would be very rich (laughs). Interactivity seems to be getting stronger.

MP: What’s the average day of a porn star?
TF: There is nothing average about my life. I’m travelling across the world all the time. I try to have a healthy life and hit the gym as much as possible. The thing I do the most is show my passport at airports and jump into a taxi or an Uber. My Uber account is my most used app on my iPhone.

MP: After all the sex and fame and thrill, what’s next?
TF: After? Why think of an after? Why already expect it to end?
I want to grow and evolve. Learn new things and try out new adventures but porn will always be in my life one way or another.

I’m still heavily working on my fashion career in ways you will soon discover hopefully. I studied fashion design in Paris after having done international relations in Dublin. My first short fashion film is already out and you can check it out.

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I want to direct more movies, design, create, write. Many projects are in the works for this year and I am so excited for them. Mainstream is probably a direction which I will focus on too.

Limitations are only for the weak minded!

MP: Who has been your favourite scene partner and why?
TF: I have had a few AMAZING partners. I’ve also loved working with my friends Brent Corrigan, Colton Grey, Dani Robles and Andrea Suarez. They are great people and the best co-stars I could ever ask for.

Theo Ford can be found tweeting at @The_Theo_Ford

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