Jay Banks

In Issue 13 of THEGAYUK we chatted with porn star Jay Banks to find out what life is like for a porn star!

Jay Banks
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MP: Do you ever bottom? If so, how do you take care of yourself? Do bottoms really get paid more than tops?
JB: I do bottom. More often than not really. I consider myself a bottom but I do top a nice ass on occasion. So, Vers bottom? I pride myself on being a good bottom and with that comes good hygiene. Just make sure your good to go. I can’t say that bottoms make more than tops in the industry. I actually have heard tops get paid more but it really just depends on the studio and the star.

MP: Can you explain the experience of your first job?
JB: I had always wanted to do porn. I know, cliché, right? Even if it was just once. One day I finally got online and submitted an application with one of my favourite studios, Treasure Island Media. Within a few weeks, I heard back from casting and they set up a Skype meeting/interview which went well and I was told that when I’m in NYC to let them know. So I went for a weekend and did a hot scene with them.

MP: Have you ever dated another porn star?
JB: I haven’t had the pleasure of dating another porn star, yet. But I am single and available! If you find one let me know (laughs).

MP: Are there things you’ve learnt doing porn that you’ve included in your personal life?
JB: I can’t say I have learned anything specific from doing porn that I do in my personal life. Although I will say that in my personal life I do have sex but 9 times out of 10 the person doesn’t know I am in porn.

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MP: Do partners expect you to be an ‘expert’ of sex?
JB: I don’t think people consider porn stars to be experts in sex… Experts at having sex on camera perhaps but not having sex in general. Although I’ve never had any complaints!

MP: Do you receive bizarre messages from fans?
JB: I do sometimes get messages from fans. I like to get them. It’s nice to read them and also all the tweets and comments on my Twitter are appreciated. I read them all and try to respond to everyone. Thanks to all my followers!

MP: What is the weirdest message/request you’ve received from a fan?
JB: I would say the weirdest request I got from a fan was a guy who wanted me to come to California and have sex with him and his wife. I didn’t for the record (laughs).

MP: Do you sleep with your fans?
JB: I haven’t slept with a fan yet! I did get an email from a fan recently and we have been in contact and he is actually coming to stay with me this weekend so I will for sure be able to say I HAVE slept with a fan by the end of the weekend! So let it be known that it CAN happen. You can sleep with your favourite porn star!

MP: Are fluffers a real thing?
JB: I’m sure there are fluffers out there somewhere, I haven’t come across any myself (no pun intended) but maybe for group scenes. So far the scenes I have done were with one other porn star so we fluffed each other. On cam!

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MP: Do you use any pills to enhance your career?
JB: As far as a pill or enhancer, I like a product called Erekt. I haven’t used it on set, however, I do use it sometimes in my personal life, not because I need it but just for fun or an extra BOOM. (Laughs) it works!

MP: What do you think is the future of porn?
JB: I think it will be around forever…it will change and adapt to what people want most but I think that you’re going to see mostly if not all bareback porn in the future along with maybe some live porn sites vs video/streaming.

MP: What’s the average day of a porn star?
JB: Oh the average day of a porn star? Well, when I reach “stardom” status I will let you know! 🙂

MP: Who has been your favourite scene partner and why?
JB: My favourite costar is Sam Bridle. We did a scene for Treasure Island Media for a film called Stick it, f**k it, breed it, leave it. He (Sam) was so laid back and chilled and easy to film with. Not to mention his dick was perfect! I love watching Blue Bailey take all those dicks in his gang bang scene. I’m a gang-bang kinda guy. They are my weakness!

MP: What’s the average salary per scene/per film?
JB: There is so much difference between studios, your experience and popularity that there’s no easy number. I would say anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand. I honestly do it for the fun, though!

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MP: How would you describe your sexuality?
JB: I would describe my sexuality in one word. HORNY. I’m always down for some fun!

MP: What are your opinions on porn?
JB: I think the porn industry packs a definite economic punch and it’s important for people to have a good selection of it to watch so that everyone can find something that they like… Or a fantasy that they wish they could live out. I’m glad to be a part of it, for the time that I have been, and look forward to more to come!


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