MYSTYLE | Conor Maynard

We caught up with pop prince Conor to find out why boxers are his go to fashion statement at home and why it’s all about Nandos.

Connor Maynard

HIS WATCH: Never wear watches!
HIS AFTERSHAVE: Used to always be Hugo boss, but I haven’t worn an aftershave in years! I prefer the natural scent… joking, I just can’t be bothered half the time (laughs).
1) Uptown: Spencer Hart, their suits and shirts are so unique.
2) Downtown: Too many to name! Adidas shoes are the one for me right now, although I just tend to like particular pieces of clothing as opposed to sticking with a single brand.
3) Mytown: any mildly clean pair of boxers I can find and some sweatpants.
HIS ACCESSORIES: Phone, my lucky bracelets (stared wearing them just before my first ever singles were released) and my house keys because I like to be able to get back into my house at the end of a day.
HIS DRINK: Disaronno and Coke (me and my friends call it a “dizzy Coke”)
HIS RESTAURANT: Nandos, because I’m the most adventurous, out-there guy you’ll ever meet.
HIS TRAVEL: Anywhere with good people.
HIS BOOK: A Series Of Unfortunate Events, read the whole series twice!
HIS SONGS: Changes every day! Right now: John Mayer – “I Don’t Trust Myself”, Fetty Wap – “My Way” (feat. Drake), Taylor Swift – “Bad Blood”.
HIS QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “It’s better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation.”
FINISH THIS SENTENCE: Someone once told me… that quote you just read, so I took it as my own and now when I say it everyone thinks I’m really profound and a genius and it’s great!

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