Adored by gay fans nationwide we catch up with the camp goddess Lesley Joseph to talk about the new series of Birds Of A Feather.

Q: Are you pleased to be back?

We have an absolute ball shooting this show, I don’t know how we get away with it – it doesn’t feel like work, we all get on so well. A big thank you to ITV also, they’ve really looked after us since we returned to the screen. Everyday is a plus in the world of Birds of a Feather. Who’d have thought after all these years the birds would still be flying the nest!

Q: What can viewers look forward to?

Viewers can look forward to some cracking episodes this series. In a nutshell, three old birds making people laugh with some good fantastic storylines. The first episode of the new series is one of the best we’ve ever done – it’s very filmic, has some great guest artists and a wonderful storyline. It really is one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever done and to say that after 100 odd episodes is a real achievement. Tracey has a little mingle with someone and Dorien mingles with lots of people! Travis has a storyline with a member of Dorien’s family which causes a few problems.

Q: How was working with Martin Kemp?

Martin really is the nation’s heart-throb. When he appeared in episode one, the whole of the female audience swooned!

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Q: Does it surprise you how popular the show still is?

It doesn’t surprise me as the show has always been popular since the very first episode in 1989. It’s all

down to that unique combination on screen of Sharon, Tracey and Dorien and the connection between Pauline, Linda and myself – the chemistry shines through on screen. The viewers really do like these characters.

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