Sebastian Evans

Matt Peake catches up with UK porn star, Sebastian Evans to chat about life as a gay porn star.

Sebastian Evans
CREDIT: Sebastian Evans/ Twitter

MP: So how did you get into porn?
SE: I got into porn by going to cos I needed some money. I didn’t do any auditions I was booked on my photos alone.
My first job was a solo for Hard Brit Lads. I was f**king sh**ting myself but I did it and had a great time and have since worked for them again.

MP: Is it hard to find romantic partners as sex is such an intimate part of the human experience, how do you balance the act versus the deeper connection? What are your thoughts about sex and relationships?
SE: I’m not really a relationship person at the moment. So I have never had to think about doing porn while in a relationship. I can envision myself being in a relationship one day but at the moment I’m far too busy enjoying myself, my body and casual sex! (laughs).

MP: Are there things you’ve learnt doing porn that you’ve included in your personal life? Do partners expect you to be ‘experts’ of sex?
SE: I guess I’ve picked up some positions doing porn but I also actively look for new things to try during sex myself. I’m often Googling new positions I can try in my private life. I wouldn’t say there’s an expectation for me to be amazing but I have had guys say to me that they’re nervous to f**k me cos they might not match up, which is crazy!

MP: Do you ever bottom?
SE: I always bottom and I ONLY bottom. I’m not interested in topping whatsoever. I douche obviously. And no, we do not get paid more.

MP: Do you sleep with your fans?
SE: I probably would sleep with a fan if they paid me as I do escort too.

MP: Do you worry about STIs? Do you think bareback porn is contributing to rising rates of HIV in young gay men?
SE: I get tested regularly so I don’t worry about STIs no. I don’t think BB porn contributes to rises in HIV infection as everyone has their own mind and are able to make choices themselves.

MP: What would you say to people who want to get into porn?
SE: If someone wants to get into porn and they have the right look for the type of porn they want to do then I’d say go for it.

MP: What’s the best/worst thing about doing porn?
SE: The best thing about porn for me was the confidence boost. I don’t think I’ve encountered anything negative yet.

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MP: What do you think is the future of porn?
SE: The future of porn is probably BB (bareback). As the threat of HIV diminishes and it no longer threatens life as it once did, BB will become even more popular and mainstream.

MP: What’s the average day of a porn star?
SE: The average day of a porn star is the same as most people’s lives I imagine. My life hasn’t changed at all.

MP: After all the sex and fame and thrill… what’s next?
SE: I don’t really think of porn as a career. So I don’t think about the future. It’s just a bit of fun and a way to make money. If it all stopped tomorrow I seriously wouldn’t give a s**t. I’m a hairdresser and that is my career.

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MP: Who has been your favourite scene partner and why?
SE: My favourite scene partner was Sam Porter. We had amazing chemistry and I’ve been lucky enough to work with him twice. I get hard with him just being in the same room as me. Haha. My favourite scene I’ve been in was the one me and him did for Hard Brit Lads. Because it was with Sam and because my body looks sick in that one! (laughs)

MP: What’s the average salary per scene/per film?
SE: Average salary per scene I’d say is £200.

MP: How would you describe your sexuality?
SE: I’d describe my sexuality as gay. I would also describe myself as a late bloomer. My teens and twenties were virtually sexless. Since entering my thirties and moving to Manchester I’m only now exploring my sexuality to the fullest and I’m f**king loving it, and so is my ass!

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