Forbidden Nights Strip Group

Want to know more about the lads from Forbidden Nights? 

If you’ve read the review you can now read about the lads of Forbidden Nights. The Gay UK delved deeper than body oil and teeth-flossing-thongs and asked the Forbidden Boys five probing questions:

Billy 27, from Bournemouth: main cast and aerialist

1) What’s the most fun you’ve had with your clothes on?

 There is no such thing as fun with your clothes on 😉

2) Describe yourself in three words?

Creative, complicated and a free-spirit.

3) What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve had with Forbidden Nights?

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Picture the scene: O2 arena, 16,000 people – my moment to shine by undressing Sinitta. I struggled to get her trousers off.

4) Have you ever been caught naked in a situation you weren’t stripping, If so elaborate?

Caught naked? I spend most of my life naked, so probably.

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5) Do you have a nickname for your trouser-snake?

The Big Dipper

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