Interviewer asks Troye Sivan whether he’s a top or bottom and gets shut down

An interviewer’s job is to get into the nooks and crannies of their subject’s life, but how far to probe is too far?

Asking a gay pop star whether they’re a top of a bottom might just be that line and Troye Sivan, was not here for the questioning – saying that he was “passing the question” and called the interviewer, Matt Fistonich, “wildly invasive, strange and innapropriate”

Turns out the internet, well, Twitter wasn’t for the line of questioning either, with many on social media calling out the journalist who conducted the interview for his line of questioning.

In the interview, for Express Magazine in NZ, Matt asked a variety of questionings including, whether Troye’s boyfriend would give him a “hall pass” for his celebrity crush, Shawn Mendes and whether he likes Will And Grace – because, well you know, gay…

Troye’s fans blasted the journalist calling on Matt to apologise for the questions and some even suggested that he should be fired from his job… because you know… Twitter.

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Even Buzzfeed has got involved…. because you know, Buzzfeed

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