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This is how the Daily Mail wrote about “gay genes findings” in 1993

A shocking article has unearthed how a national newspaper wrote about the discovery of a now-debunked “gay gene”.

“Abortion Hope” reads the headline of a Daily Mail article after scientists in America thought they had made a definitive link between homosexuality and genetics.

The article appeared in a July 1993 edition of the Daily Mail and so disgusted Communications Director Antony Tiernan, that he cut out the article to keep to remind him to be proud of who he is. Writing on Twitter he said, “The article repulsed me so much I cut it out and have kept it to this date. It reminds me to be proud about who I am!”

In the article, journalist Jason Lewis wrote, “isolation of the genes means it could soon be possible to predict whether a baby will be gay and give the mother the option of an abortion”.


Today it was revealed that there is no one single gay gene, but genetics do play a small part in somebody’s sexual orientation.



The tweet has been retweeted nearly 1000 times and has attracted a huge volume of comments. reached out to Jason Lewis for comment.

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