Fans are in despair after Britney Spears left a rather cryptic message on her social media.

CREDIT: © S Buckley Depositphoto

Britney Spears has alarmed fans after sharing a picture on social media which simply said, “Goodbye”.

Many of her fans have reacted to the news with fear, but also questioned whether it was artwork for a new single or album.



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The 34-year-old mum of two is still living under the conservatorship of her father. The conservatorship was ordered 8 years ago after a very visible and public breakdown. It means many factors of her life are still controlled by her father and her lawyer.

Since 2008 Britney has released 3 albums, the last, Britney Jean, was the least successful of her career, reaching just 34 in the UK charts.

So is Britney quitting music?