One of Drag Race UK's queens has been forced to defend her political stance.

People are wondering if one of Drag Race UK‘s stars is a Conservative!

We’re three weeks and we’re starting to see in our analytics, here at TGUK central what people are wondering about the Drag Queens of Drag Race UK and one of the most highly asked questions is whether Baga Chipz – one of the competition’s favourites to win, is a Conservative. If you’re in the US, the Conservatives are like a Republican Lite. Think a centre-right party without the guns.

Recently Baga Chipz, was forced to defend a pro-Conservative op-ed she wrote for a magazine back in 2017, during the General Election.

In the piece, she wrote, that former Prime Minister Theresa May had “proved to be a capable politician, always on the ball and never at risk of having a ‘Diane Abbott’ moment”.

The piece was unearthed by fans of the show, some of whom were quick to condemn Chipz as a “Tory Queen”.

However, Baga Chipz was quick to confirm that she was actually a “life-long labour supporter” but wrote the piece because she wasn’t a fan of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

She pointed out his “record on antisemitism, his support for the IRA and homophobic terror groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, his support for brutal dictatorships in Venezuela and Cuba”.

In the piece, titled “Why Vote Conservative” for scene magazine Boyz, she wrote,

“As a member of the LGBTQI community, I often get asked about Theresa May’s voting record on gay rights, and I understand the concerns,

“But just as Hillary Clinton changed her stance, so has Mrs May. Not only has she voted for every LGBT reform in parliament in the last decade but she was instrumental in pushing marriage equality.”

“I am not a Tory”

Defending her 2017 stance, Chipz took to Twitter to write,  “I am not a Tory. I’m actually a lifelong labour supporter. I supported Theresa May in the last election as I’m not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn.. was 4 years ago hun.. one is allowed to change ones views.

— Baga Chipz MBE (@ChipShopBird) August 21, 2019

How does Theresa May’s Voting Record on LGBT+ issues stand?

Although more recently Theresa May’s voting record has leaned to pro-LGBT+ rights here past actions saw her vote in favour of Section 28,  in a GAYUK analysis May only achieved a 29.6% LGBT+ friendly rating. We noted, “Ms May is what we’d call an evolved Minister on LGBT+ and gay rights. Prior to 2004 she systematically voted against the rights of gay people in the UK. Then we see a 180-degree change in her voting pattern, although she did have a blip in 2007 when she failed to vote on the Discrimination on the grounds of sexuality law. Since the beginning of this decade, she has voted positively for the LGBT+ community.”

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Chipz has now said that she’d vote Liberal Democrat.

So no, she isn’t a Conservative, but a Lib Demmer – a party that is pro-EU and has a great track record when it comes to LGBT+ rights.

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