Waiting with breath held, nervously cracking my knuckles, it’s a tense time at THEGAYUK gin palace. Until we heard that the Hump was going to be representing us in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Okay… here’s a quick quiz what links the following Eurovision entries with Engelbert Humperdinck.

Scooch, Gemini, Jade, Blue? Their combined ages equal the Humps. That aside, the song is a simple, timeless love song, with key-change. It could stand us in good stead. The last time the UK got anywhere near the top was with Jade’s simple, timeless love song — ‘It’s My Time’ — and both Andrew Lloyd Webber and Engelbert Humperdinck share the same face. It’s an omen. Gay science. So we could be in with a winner here

Jade’s song was a cracker and we loved the fact that she nearly took out one of the violinists during the live show, so we’re hoping that The Hump will go a step further a wipe out the entire orchestra.

Bitching aside (it is Gay Christmas after all) Engelbert is in good voice and with over 150m records sold the crooner certainly isn’t short of a few fans worldwide.

Currently standing 3rd in the overall betting odds to win it looks as thought the UK might be in with a chance of getting into the TOP 10 this year!

Go Hump… Go Hump… (that’s a battle cry, not a mating call)

The unveiling of the Eurovision song for the UK is a special time in my life.


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