Studland for the studs?

Oh yes there is.

Dorset is probably home to the most (in)famous nudist beach in the UK. 


Studland has the image of naked men baked right into the title. The popular beach is packed come summertime, whether or not the weather is hot, so this is not the beach to come to if you’re looking for peace and solitude. The shy nudists out there might be better off trying a different beach if you’re still precarious about stripping off.

Studland Bay has a dedicated gay section which, whether you like it or not, has unsurprisingly become a popular cruising ground. Many voyeurists take to the dunes for a little slap and tickle of the bait and tackle before taking a cheeky skinny dip in the sea.

Where is the nudist area of Studland Beach?

Where is the nudist beach in Dorset, Studland?

Ah, the infamous naturist enclave nestled on the beautiful Knoll Beach! Spanning a generous 900 meters of coastline, this designated area is a paradise for those embracing the au naturel lifestyle.


To ensure everyone knows where to let it all hang out, the boundary is unmistakably marked with green-topped posts and informative signs. So, there’s no need to fret about accidentally wandering into a naturist’s paradise if you’re not quite ready for it!

While the naturist community is encouraged to revel in their birthday suits within this demarcated zone, it is kindly requested that visitors keep their clothing on when venturing beyond the designated area.

It’s all about respecting the preferences and comfort levels of all beachgoers.

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So, for those who wish to unleash their wild side and embrace the beauty of nature in its most authentic form, Knoll Beach’s naturist area stands ready to welcome you with open arms (and no clothes!). And for those who prefer a more clothed seaside adventure, rest assured that there are plenty of shorelines to enjoy just outside the green-topped posts.

It’s a coastal haven for everyone, no matter their attire preferences!

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