The best nudist beaches in the UK

Sussex’s coastal beauty is like a never-ending parade of stunning sights, guaranteed to keep your jaw dropping perpetually!

Yet, for those craving a change of scenery that’s not just skin-deep, why not dare to bare it all on a nudist beach?


Unleash your inner wild child and let the salty sea breeze work its magic, liberating you from clothed imprisonment.

Thankfully, Brighton holds the crown for one of the UK’s top spots to strip down and set your inhibitions free and it’s also home of the gayest place in the UK.

Among the fearless few who dare to disrobe and defy the Great British weather, Black Rock Naturist Beach in Brighton proudly claims its spot on the prestigious list. Joining this daring destination are other alluring locations in Kent, Devon, Scotland, and Dorset, where the brave and the bare mingle with the elements!


Just a stone’s throw away from the heart of Brighton lies a nudist beach that breaks all the norms of typical naturist hideaways. While many au naturel spots remain hidden gems, lacking amenities and creature comforts, this 200-yard stretch at the city’s eastern end is a revelation. Conveniently close to the marina, you won’t have to embark on an expedition to find it!

Backed by a promenade and a small grassy area, this coastal gem ensures you won’t have to endure pebbly discomfort throughout your sunbathing adventures. Ah, the bliss of it all!

Now, it wouldn’t be a truly iconic spot without some controversy, and this beach had its fair share when it debuted in the 1980s. But hey, times have changed, and today, it proudly stands as one of the most beloved naturist havens in all of Britain.

Do more men or women go?

Is there a naked beach in Brighton?
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Admittedly, there’s been a bit of a tiff over gender balance at times, with male visitors seemingly claiming the limelight. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that everyone is warmly embraced, and all are made to feel right at home. So, whether you’re a seasoned nudist or a first-time skinny-dipper, this beach beckons with open arms and a breathtaking view of the sea and the city combined!

What do the locals think?

Well, well, well, it seems like the reviews on TripAdvisor for this nudist beach are quite the mixed bag! Among the range of experiences, we stumbled upon one rather amusing tale from a visitor.

According to this bold adventurer, he and his wife decided to give this naturist beach a shot. Things started off rather peacefully, with an empty beach providing a seemingly serene setting. However, the peace was short-lived as soon as the wife decided to embrace her inner free spirit and shed her clothes. Within a mere 10 minutes, she became the centre of attention, drawing the gaze of several intrigued gents.


Now, while the husband might not have been too thrilled about the surplus of attention his better half received, he couldn’t deny the fact that the day turned out to be quite an eventful one. In his words, it evolved into a “good day on the beach playing with the guys.”

Well, it just goes to show that this nudist beach certainly has the power to make memories and create some unforgettable experiences for its visitors!

Getting loose with Lucy

Ah, Lucy from Reigate seems to have embraced the liberating allure of the nudist beach with absolute grace and poise. Her candid account reveals a journey of courage and self-discovery in this unique environment.


Once she took that bold step to strike up conversations with fellow naturists, all inhibitions seemed to melt away. Lucy felt a profound sense of freedom, unburdened by the fear of judgment. It’s a testament to the welcoming atmosphere that nudist communities can foster.

Indeed, she noticed that the male presence was quite prominent, whether they were solo visitors, couples, or in groups. However, Lucy also appreciated the diverse mix of attendees, including single couples and groups of women. The feeling of ease was reinforced by seeing these diverse configurations, and she comfortably engaged in conversations, sunbathing, and swimming with them.

In addition to the warm social ambience, Lucy appreciated the efforts put into maintaining the beach’s cleanliness and accessibility. Whether one arrives by train, bus, or car, the journey to this naturist haven is smooth and straightforward.


Lucy’s experience beautifully captures the essence of this nudist beach: a place of acceptance, relaxation, and freedom where visitors can shed more than just their clothes—they can let go of societal expectations and simply be themselves.

It appears that the nudist beach’s male-dominated reputation is echoed by several other reviewers as well. However, amidst this fact, a first-time naturist visitor from London had an exceptional time at the beach.

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Brighton is Immersive and inclusive

For this adventurous couple, the trip was about seeking a tranquil day by the sea, opting for a lovely picnic and some relaxation. It was also their very first foray into the world of naturist beaches.

Their experience turned out to be nothing short of fantastically liberating. The couple found themselves in the company of like-minded individuals who embraced their nakedness with ease. However, what sets this beach apart is the non-intrusive nature of nudism. While many may choose to bare it all, the beach creates an atmosphere where everyone is welcome, regardless of whether they decide to stay clothed or disrobed.

Such an inclusive environment allowed the couple to truly immerse themselves in the moment, free from any pressure or judgment. This way, they could truly enjoy the experience and let their day unfold naturally, just like the sea waves lapping at the shore.

Ultimately, Brighton’s naturist beach proved to be a place where visitors could find freedom, acceptance, and the power to choose how they want to experience it—truly a gem among the coastal beauty of Sussex!

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