ITALY: Two Men Get Engaged Live On Prime Time “Got Talent” Show

8th May 2015 0 By Roger Walker-Dack

Live on ‘Italia’s Got Talent’ TV show the members of Les Farfadais, a troupe of acrobatic dancers, had just performed a routine when one of the dancers then got down on one knee and proposed to his boyfriend said after he said “yes” the couple kissed on stage.

The stunned judges and the studio audience went wild and cheered for the couple in what the show’s producers claim was totally unrehearsed and unexpected.

Italy, of course, does not have marriage equality but has been making modest moves toward it in recent months.

In February, Italy’s highest appeals court ruled that same-sex marriage is not a constitutional right but that gay couples are entitled to certain rights and protections.

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Rome’s Mayor married 16 gay couples last October in defiance of Italy’s laws. Rome has also created a register of civil unions for same-sex couples and Bologna came out in favour of recognising same-sex unions in September.


P.S. The newly affianced men had incidentally been performing to ‘the power of love’.